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Wealthy Woman

Welcome, Gorgeous Woman.

If you’ve found your way here, you must be ready for big, beautiful changes in your business and life.

By this point, you've realised your incredible value as a coach, but maybe the financial outcomes just aren't aligning.

Believe me, after so many years as an entrepreneur, I’ve been exactly where you are now and I know exactly how you feel. The overwhelm. The helplessness. The fear of failure.

The good news? Those days of mystery and uncertainty are long behind me and, if you’ve made it here, they’re numbered for you as well....


- An expert ready to leave your employee status at the door and use your skills in your own business to build WEALTH and FREEDOM in your life,

- A coach, consultant or service provider with an existing business BUT you’re unsure where-to next for the juicy clients to flow and the hustle to stop,

- OR you own an established business but you want to increase your IMPACT and your bank balance.

And you are:

✔ A woman who already has the specific skills to deliver their services to clients 
THEN: Let’s talk!

✔ A woman who is serious, committed and truly ready to grow their business
THEN: I can help

✔ Ready to have your income match your intentions and efforts
THEN: I believe in you

✔ A woman who truly loves serving her clients and values delivering tangible results
THEN: I am with you

✔ A woman who understands that for a business to succeed you need to show up, do the work and have a positive mindset!
THEN: We are meant to connect!

Because a great fit = GREAT RESULTS!!
This is NOT for you if you are:
- Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Product Businesses
- Not open to thinking about things in a new way or committed to DOING the work
- Not open to investing in yourself financially
- Still making excuses, complaining and not taking yourself serious

Then thank you so much for making it this far, but we aren’t meant to be (and that’s OK, too!).

You might've caught yourself wondering.... who is Sophie Musumeci, anyway??
I'm a leading business marketing strategist and coach who paves the way for women in business to be both the woman and entrepreneur they’d always hoped they could be - working less, earning more and fully enjoying the lives they have created for themselves. 

I’m the type of coach who walks her talk. I follow the methods I teach to my Wealthy Women and it works as well for me as it does for them! In the last year, I’ve earned more than $1mil, my best month was over $300k and my best day? A cool $72k.

I spend my days guiding, encouraging and inspiring the most talented unique group of women you’re ever likely to meet - all so different from one another, but also so incredibly similar in really interesting ways! 

The best bit? I get to do all this while still staying front and centre in my 2 beautiful childrens’ lives. I work when I choose and I never need to worry about what to do when they get sick.

It’s such a privilege, and I’m living proof that the freedoms you choose are within reach with the right guidance...

If you’ve been looking to create a business that brings you:

✔ More time
✔ More money
✔ More choices
✔ More freedom

And the chance to live the life you deserve, now is the time to make that happen.

Wealthy Woman Coaching Business Gameplan Call with my incredible team of Coaching Specialists. It’s for the two of you to do a deep dive on your current situation and develop a tailored strategy to get you and your business to the next level in the fastest way possible.

To start, select a time that works for you both and complete a short application which is necessary to determine if we are a great for each other. 

My team only has limited spaces available for calls. The women we select to talk to are the ones I believe that are truly ready to rise.

This 15 min Free Coaching Business Gameplan Call will be the most important time you’ll spend on your coaching business all year!  Await hope is nice, but certainty is better. Once we’re done, we’ll both know what opportunities await.

I'm excited to hear from you soon?
Backing you to rise and become a wealthy woman in all areas of life and business!

Sophie Musumeci x

P.S. If you can’t find a time, please email my support at ( support at rewomen dot com dot au ) (spelt out due to spam).

How Lisa turned a 6 year “expensive hobby” into $10k cash in the first 30 days together


How Lisa turned a 6 year “expensive hobby” into $10k cash in the first 30 days together


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